Industrial Pyrotechnic Products

IndustrialSDI produces pyrotechnic products for a wide array of industrial applications. Mechanisms driven by SDI products are used in applications where high speed, precision and extreme high reliability are critical factors.

Industrial products by nature are designed to each customer’s application. SDI will work with you to understand your design criteria/limitations and develop a unique solution to your particular application.

Some application examples are:

  • Gas generators
    Inflation of many types of products or devices
  • Power Disconnect Devices
    High speed, severing or termination of electrical circuits
  • Cable cutters
    Severing of electrical cables, structural cables, tubing, cord, etc.
  • Fire suppression systems
    Deployment and dispersion of liquid, solid or gaseous suppressants
  • Pin pullers and pin pushers
    Rapid actuation or movement of latches, locks, mechanisms
  • Propelling cartridges
    Eject or launch projectiles using pyrotechnic energy or using pyrotechnics to release a propelling mechanism
  • Explosive bolts and nuts
    Release and separation of bolted connections on command