Automotive Airbag Initiators and Micro Gas Generators

Test Crash DummySDI has been producing highly reliable pyrotechnic products for automotive occupant protection systems since the 1980’s. At SDI we are constantly focused on world class Safety, Quality and Delivery standards as the driving forces behind our business. Our goal is to meet the needs of our global automotive customers through the design and manufacture of pyrotechnic devices and systems which lead the industry in terms of quality and relaibility.

Our automotive products are a key element in driver, passenger, and side impact airbag inflators, seat belt pretensioners and fire suppression systems.

SDI’s global manufacturing capability allows us to efficiently support our customers in all major automotive markets, with production and support facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia.

Automotive Products

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InitiatorsAir Bag Initiators

Special Devices, Inc. has been providing high reliability initiators to the automotive air bag market since the late 1980's. These initiators have been used by virtually all automotive OEM’s and have demonstrated unparalleled quality and reliability for over 20 years, performing in real world environments without any product recalls. The outstanding success of our initiator products in this demanding market has allowed SDI to improve our processes and expand our product offerings for the safety restraints industry to meet the ever growing demand for increased occupant safety.

Micro GasMicro Gas Generators

Certain safety device applications such as seat belt retractors, buckle pre-tensioners and air bag inflators require high reliability gas generation devices. To meet this need, Special Devices manufactures a wide variety of micro gas generators and upload initiators suited to a large variety of applications. Utilizing high reliability air bag initiator technology and a variety of output configurations, we can create the ideal product for you. Contact us with your technical specifications.

PDDPower Disconnect Devices

In order to support enhanced safety features of modern vehicles, SDI has developed a Power Disconnect Device (PDD). The PDD provides high reliability, high speed interruption of electrical circuits. In conventional vehicles PDD’s are used as part of the safety system battery/starter system to terminate battery power in the event of a serious accident to mitigate chances for igniting spilled flammable materials. In the emerging Hybrid and Electric vehicle markets, PDD’s are used in a variety of applications to protect electric circuits and prevent damage to expensive battery packs.

InitiatorsComposite Molded Assemblies

As the continuing need for lower cost components increases the challenge to the automotive industry, SDI has responded with innovative design solutions, which take advantage of our considerable plastic molding expertise. Our Composite Molded Assembly (CMA) technology can help lower your total product cost by molding certain design features into the initiator assembly, thus replacing expensive machined components. This technology also has the potential to further reduce cost by eliminating components in certain applications.